Huayuan Environment: New "Membrane" Method for Pollution Control

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The white strip shape is similar to ordinary ceramic tiles in appearance. The reporter saw the "true appearance" of the nano flat ceramic film in the workshop of Zhangjiagang Huayuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Membrane application technology is the key to achieving

key technologies for recycling recycled water,

simultaneously solving water environmental pollution and

the problem of water shortage,

it can be said that it was opened with a key

two "locks" on the bottleneck of high-quality sustainable development.

The Huayuan environment with this' golden key ',

for the domestic water treatment industry

a brand new door has been opened.

The white strip shape is similar to ordinary ceramic tiles in appearance. The reporter saw the "true appearance" of the nano flat ceramic film in the workshop of Zhangjiagang Huayuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. This membrane looks ordinary, but its surface is actually composed of multiple pores with a pore size of 100 nanometers, which is even thinner than hair. You can imagine it as a sieve, where clean water will pass through this hole and pollutants will be isolated from the outside. "Xiaojiang, the general engineer teacher of Zhangjiagang Huayuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that generally, domestic sewage first needs to pass through a fine grid to intercept small floating objects before entering the sedimentation tank, Remove inorganic sand particles from the sewage, then undergo biochemical treatment and enter the secondary sedimentation tank for sedimentation. Finally, after denitrification treatment, it meets the discharge standards. The nano flat ceramic membrane adopts the PC-MBR sewage treatment process, which combines biodegradation with efficient membrane separation technology to play a filtering role.

Established in 2018, Zhangjiagang Huayuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech new enterprise in the field of water treatment in China, with fully independent intellectual property rights in the production and application technology of nano flat ceramic membranes. The reporter learned that the company's technical team has been introducing flat ceramic membranes imported from Japan since 2010, and conducting application research in processes such as sewage treatment and tap water production.

In recent years, with the country's emphasis on environmental protection, the environmental protection equipment industry has gradually become a sunrise industry. Decision makers of Huayuan Environment have clearly seen this. However, if ceramic films do not have their own production lines and do not achieve large-scale production, the research and development, technology, supply, and price of core materials will always be a "bottleneck" problem. In order to break foreign monopolies and fill domestic gaps, Huayuan Environment has established its core technological advantages in the field of ceramic membranes through 8 years of research and development. In 2018, Huayuan Environment established the largest production line for nano flat ceramic membranes in China and collaborated with Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School to jointly develop and produce them. Compared to traditional organic membranes, nano flat ceramic membranes have advantages such as high filtration accuracy, low operating cost, large water output, long service life, strong pollution resistance, high acid and alkali resistance, and convenient cleaning. Fan Xiaojiang said that nano flat ceramic membranes do not generate secondary pollution and can be recycled, and can be reused after secondary firing.

It is understood that the nano flat ceramic membrane has been industrialized, with an annual output of up to 400000 square meters, and has been used in multiple large-scale water treatment projects. At the third sewage treatment plant in the city, the reporter saw that the water in the pool was extremely turbid and emitted a foul smell, while the water outlet not far from the inlet point was clear and transparent. Here, the nano flat ceramic membrane replaces the original secondary sedimentation tank, denitrification filter and other treatment processes. The biochemical tank equipped with the nano flat ceramic membrane directly meets the discharge standard, reducing sludge output by 50%. Compared to traditional processes, it saves nearly 800000 yuan in annual sludge disposal costs, and the water quality of the effluent is already better than the "Suzhou Special Emission Limit Standard".

At present, Huayuan Environment has over 10 patents and has established over 60 benchmark projects in multiple business areas, including tap water purification, municipal sewage, coal chemical and other industrial wastewater treatment. Since the beginning of this year, the company's order volume has reached 55 million yuan. This marks the advantageous position of Huayuan Environment in terms of comprehensive capabilities such as technical reserves, quality assurance, and advanced testing and inspection equipment.

In the future, we will mainly focus on researching and developing diversified ceramic membrane products with higher throughput and better operation, such as flat plates and tubes, as well as low-carbon green processes with shorter and more optimized research processes, simpler operation, and healthier water quality indicators. "Zhang Zuhong, General Manager of Zhangjiagang Huayuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., stated that technological innovation will never stop and face the future, Huayuan Environment will promote the dual improvement of product revenue generation and green environmental protection.