Ceramic flat sheet membrane

Functional nano Ceramic membrane is a kind of plate filter material with asymmetric microporous structure, which is sintered at high temperature from aluminum oxide, titanium oxide, zirconia, catalytic nano materials, etc., with filtration precision covering microfiltration and ultrafiltration.




Technical Parameter

Membrane type Flat membrane
Filtering method External inlet and internal suction filtration method
Material Ceramic part:Al203
Nominal pore size ≤ 0.1 μm
Standard membrane size H×W×T=1046×250×6 mm
Membrane weight (dry/wet) 2.2/4.5 kg
singke membrane filtration area  0.5 m2
Pure water permeability 60 m3/(m2·d)(100 kPa, 25℃)
porosity ≥ 42%
Tolerance pH range 2 ~12
Maximum service temperature 80℃
Tolerance transmembrane pressure range ± 80 kPa

Membrane component specifications

Model HY-M25-U1 HY-M50-U1 HY-M200-U1 HY-M200-U2
Number of membrane (pieces) 25 50 200 400
Effective membrane area ( m2) 12.5 25 100 200
Module frame size W × D × H(mm) 650×370×1750 1050×370×1750 2200×780×1750 2200×780×3300
Module frame material 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel
Single module dry/wet weight 120/180kg 204/319kg 631/831kg 1209/1609kg


Membrane structure and filtration method


Cleaning method of membrane


Functional nano ceramic flat film

Compared with traditional separation media, flat Ceramic membrane has the following advantages:



Long service life

Under normal conditions, the service life can reach over 20 years.

High operating flux

Under MBR conditions, the stable operating flux is higher than 30LMH.

Strong pollution resistance

Strong anti pollution ability and good membrane regeneration performance.
Through physical and chemical cleaning, high throughput recovery performance can be maintained for a long time.
It can be combined with oxidants in the process to control membrane fouling online.

Easy to install and maintain

Modular structure, convenient system installation and maintenance.
The preservation and transportation of membranes do not require special preservation solutions.
High degree of automation, online drug washing does not require manual operation.

Excellent physical and chemical performance

Good chemical stability, high mechanical strength, acid alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.
Uniform pore size distribution and high filtration accuracy.
Good hydrophilicity.

Comparison of performance with other materials

Membrane type Nano ceramic flat film Organic flat film Hollow fiber Explanation of the advantages of nano ceramic flat film
Membrane pore size 0.1μm 0.1μm 0.1μm Narrow and uniform pore size distribution range
Main materials Al203、TiO2、ZrO PVDF、PE PVDF High-temperature calcination
Operating flux 30~150 LMH 15~30 LMH 12~18 LMH Flux 3-8 times
General status
Transmembrane pressure difference
Lower 10~30kPa Lower 10~30kPa Higher 30~50kPa Low and stable
Drug washing cycle Online: 15~30 days/time
Offline: 36 months/time or more
Online: 5~7 days/time
Offline: December/time
Online: 1~7 days/time
Offline: March June/time
Long drug washing cycle
Clean Multiple cleaning methods and good results Few cleaning methods and poor effectiveness Few cleaning methods and poor effectiveness Easy to clean and recover
Service life 15~20 years 3~5 years 3~5 years 4~5 times the lifespan
Mechanical strength Tall Same as Easy to break wire Not easily damaged
Stain resistance Good hydrophilicity Same as General, easily tangled fibers Strong pollution resistance
Maintenance operations Fully automatic backwashing
Fully automatic online medicine washing
Scrubbable surface
Generally not backwashable Poor backwashing effect Convenient operation
Recycling Can be used as a raw material
Direct recycling
Hazardous waste Hazardous waste Environmentally friendly

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