Drinking Water Solutions

Scope of application:

● Newly built water plant;

● Upgrading and Expanding the Capacity of Existing Waterworks;

● Drinking water in villages, remote areas, commercial areas, parks, etc。

Technical advantages:

● The water quality of the water supply is superior to the "Drinking Water Quality Standards" and "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water", and the effluent quality is safe and stable, with a turbidity of less than 0.1NTU;

● Effectively remove emerging trace organic pollutants in water, such as environmental hormones EDCs and residual antibiotics PPCPs, with a removal rate of over 99%, ensuring the safety and health of drinking water with high quality;

● Integrated equipment, fully automatic operation, remote monitoring;

● Functional nano Ceramic membrane is adopted, with a service life of more than 20 years and low operating cost.

Typical case analysis:

The project is located in Daxin Town, Zhangjiagang City. It adopts the process of "half coagulation+nano Ceramic membrane reactor" based on functional nano ceramic flat membrane. The system is equipped with a gravity water production system, which can realize the system's unpowered water production and realize the high-quality water purification process with lower energy consumption.

● Low dosage - half way coagulation process

● Short treatment process - "coagulation → nano Ceramic membrane filtration → disinfection" process

● High effluent quality - "Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water" GB5749-2022

● Low energy consumption - gravity water production

High safety - good stability


The Tap Water Supply Station in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province(4000m³/d)

The Tap water Plant in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, with production capacity of 500m ³/ D. The project has been in stable operation for 10 years.